What is this?

A compendium of my SlackerNReckless profiles and registered sites over the Internet and an way for me to organize them all.

Slacker N’ Reckless is just a reckless slacker as stated in his IMDb profile, in fact the place where the slackered recklessness began! 🙂

Well, before SlackerNReckless and its alternate form SlackerReckless (*) I never had an unique username as this name was created in the beginning of 2009 when I renamed my profile there (at IMDb) to that name and since then it really reflects my personality and became part of my life.

Why Slacker?

Well… I always was a slacker, since my childhood. I’m not saying I avoid to work all the time, but I really dislike making unecessary jobs or even making repetive tasks. It’s something like: If there is an easy way to make the job, I will prefer that option.

And another reason why the name slacker is because since 1999 I’m a very proud user of Slackware Linux (since version 4.0) and I like the life’s story of the founder and maintaner Patrick Volkerding.

In fact, I was abducted by him and his distribution like some people claim when they became true slackers and they begin to advocate in the name of that Linux distribution.  😀

I’m a proud user of FreeBSD too! 😉

Why Reckless?

Well… I’m not saying I’m totally reckless, I don’t expose to unecessary dangers in my life like driving recklessly, but I really don’t care about the consequences of my actions except of course if they aren’t risking my life. It’s something like: I don’t really care what the people think about me.

Another reason is because since my teenage I really liked a Guns N’ Roses song called Reckless Life from the album Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide and since then I like the word reckless.

And the N’?

It’s a shortened form of “and” for non-native english speakers and is also because of the name of that band Guns N’ Roses mentioned above.  I always liked the N letter in the album covers. Sometimes I use the shortened form SNR, like the band sometimes use the shortened GNR.

Only certified profiles and registered sites have the WordPress site attached to them and of course they are all linked at the WordPress site including parallel sites (Blogger, Google Sites and Tumblr).

The WordPress site is the default and the main one!  (WordPress really rocks!) 😉

(*) When the system doesn’t allow an username of 16 characters the username is shortened to its alternate form of 15 characters (without the N), like my Twitter and some few profiles.