Slacker? Reckless?

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A person, usually a young one and frequently of the X-generation, who lives life at the minimum and is desirious of only enough cash to squeak by, working only to the degree necessary to acheive that dubious objective. Slackers are generally viewed as lazy and unambitious parasites on society in general, especially by older generations, including former hippies who were notably more noxious in their own youth. In the 1950s and before, the people who would nowadays be commonly characterized by the term slacker would have then been the individuals who necessitated innumerable red-lettered signs which pronounced No Loafing, signs which were prominently posted nationwide at nearly every gas station of the era and which were ignored on an equal magnitude by the people whom they specifically targeted.

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Alternative forms

  • rechless, retchless (obsolete)

From Middle English rekles, reckeles, from Old English rēcelēas (“reckless, careless, negligent”), equivalent to reck +‎ -less. Cognate with Dutch roekeloos (“reckless”), German ruchlos (“careless, notorious”).


reckless (comparative more reckless, superlative most reckless)

  1. careless or heedless; headstrong or rash
  2. indifferent to danger or the consequences


  • reckful

Derived terms

  • recklessness

Anyway… It’s just a reckless slacker! 😛